My Lamborghini Countach broke at a very embarrassing moment

Avaldati 28 mai 2021
Vaatamised 481 688

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Hoovies Garage
  • Hoovies Garage

    Hoovies Garage

    17 päeva tagasi

    Download Rise of Kingdoms for free (unlike my Lambo repairs) here: and use the link for in-game rewards.
    Join event linked below and you will have the chance to win an iPhone 12.

    • Charlotte Every Day

      Charlotte Every Day

      13 päeva tagasi

      Maybach update?

    • UncleTrashero


      13 päeva tagasi

      "im not sure how to pay for a lamborgini breakdo-ADVERTISEMENT HELLO BUY PLS PLSPLS" LMFAO

    • Paanii Quaynor

      Paanii Quaynor

      15 päeva tagasi

      @Bryson Kuhn to get the training for you and I am so glad

    • Raf


      15 päeva tagasi

      @Steven Stringer boomer humor, nice...really got me good.

    • Chris Lau

      Chris Lau

      16 päeva tagasi

      I cheapened myself by downloading the game. Okay, play and delete game 😂

  • AJ G

    AJ G

    11 tundi tagasi

    If you want reliable Italian transportation, get Italian shoes ;-)

  • A.R. O

    A.R. O

    Päev tagasi

    Isn't that the same care the Wolf Of Wall Street had? Maybe someone dumped some Ludes from 1982 in the gas tank. That could explain how rough it's running.



    2 päeva tagasi

    Those must be the ugliest car ever made

  • Henry Dillard

    Henry Dillard

    2 päeva tagasi

    Only hoovie would say a beater Lamborghini

  • AirBrunswick


    2 päeva tagasi

    Your car insurance bill must be ridonkulous! Hoooolay!

  • jake elwood

    jake elwood

    3 päeva tagasi

    You sound like Jeff Goldblum.

  • Bashar AlNasser

    Bashar AlNasser

    4 päeva tagasi

    You know you've got it made when you drive into the Wizard's in a Lamborghini and leave in a Bentley.

  • Kevin Higgins

    Kevin Higgins

    5 päeva tagasi

    The term "Lamborghini Beater" was only used once on the show Silver Spoons, Hoovie played the kid in this show!

  • Metal Micky

    Metal Micky

    5 päeva tagasi

    fu promoying hite

  • Bradley Kurtz

    Bradley Kurtz

    6 päeva tagasi

    That Volvo C70 though!!

  • Paddy


    8 päeva tagasi

    Fair play you don’t swear on cam, I would’ve been effing and jeffing if that happened to me 😬😂

  • Joe Regal

    Joe Regal

    8 päeva tagasi

    Should've sold it

  • Don Surlylyte

    Don Surlylyte

    8 päeva tagasi

    19k miles is a lot for a lambo, cause you cant keep the damn things running

  • Marko Vukovic

    Marko Vukovic

    8 päeva tagasi

    Could see the stress on your face when the motor was cutting out, pretty damn dangerous

  • Robert Thomas

    Robert Thomas

    9 päeva tagasi

    Mechanic's name Tony? Fit It Again Tony (FIAT).
    Want reliability, put in a Chevy engine.

  • Phillip Burgos

    Phillip Burgos

    9 päeva tagasi

    Tyler, what day is the Countach racing event? I’ll be in Monterey for car week and would love to watch!

  • ant Perkins

    ant Perkins

    9 päeva tagasi

    That’s a peach of an embarrassing piccy of you .... you muppet 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alan Here

    Alan Here

    9 päeva tagasi

    How was it still showing oil pressure when stalled?

  • Just Mingled

    Just Mingled

    9 päeva tagasi

    The Car is Italian mate (she was taking advantage of you. as soon as she heard you talking good about her- her fiery Mediterranean temperament kicked in! gave you kiss of death!👌

  • John Lougheed

    John Lougheed

    9 päeva tagasi

    Should of sold it to John.

  • Val Probert

    Val Probert

    10 päeva tagasi

    No one needs to justify what it is you/they want. If you want the three then keep them. Why is there even a question about this? My other nagging suspicion about all the sudden faults that crop up is that it very convenient for making another video. I don’t care because it is entertaining watching you. However are they scheduled faults? How can anyone have these problems?

  • MmeDesgranges


    10 päeva tagasi

    here's a hint: you don't fit into that Countach

  • mcyclonegt


    10 päeva tagasi

    Hoovie has sold out too. Damn shame.

  • Geoff Marsh

    Geoff Marsh

    11 päeva tagasi

    Doesn't the orange thing (Lambo whatever model, their moderns all look the same) look out of place? Please sell!!! If not use as your daily, also during the winter to preserve your nicer cars.

  • Alan Boyce

    Alan Boyce

    11 päeva tagasi

    Only immature or low mentality people collect cars, especially those built by a tractor company.

  • Joel Dunifon

    Joel Dunifon

    11 päeva tagasi

    I keep hearing David Letterman. Wth

  • jasojeep


    11 päeva tagasi

    Too many commercials, hopefully this doesn’t continue.

  • D


    11 päeva tagasi

    Honestly the complaints about the cost of keeping the cars none of us can afford is getting a bit old.

  • Edmond Pecot Jr.

    Edmond Pecot Jr.

    11 päeva tagasi

    that's gotta be one of them reliable ford dodge lamborghinis

  • saizo kasamei

    saizo kasamei

    11 päeva tagasi

    I cant believe rise of kingdoms got you to say those goofy ass names, like they were all "he has to say the name ragnar or he gets nothing! Good stuff

  • Johnny Pereira

    Johnny Pereira

    11 päeva tagasi

    And I thought my old Firebird was a Goddamn Beautiful Disaster! If money wasn’t an issue, I’d happily buy back my 99 Firebird Formula LS1 and a Lambo Countach!

  • Mark Smith

    Mark Smith

    11 päeva tagasi

    The countach had other plans that week

  • Scott


    12 päeva tagasi

    Has anyone mentioned this……Hoovie would make a great voice over actor!!! Hello Hollywood????

  • Erik Anderson

    Erik Anderson

    12 päeva tagasi

    Maybe it just needs an Italian tune up

  • Charles Smith

    Charles Smith

    12 päeva tagasi

    Sweet two-tone Daytona Hoovie!

  • Wilfred Firley

    Wilfred Firley

    12 päeva tagasi

    the look on your face when the car started to stall out was priceless

  • Guillo06 Gaming

    Guillo06 Gaming

    12 päeva tagasi

    My 3 favorite lambos. N i can go as far as saying they are the best 3 lambos for their time 🔥🔥💪🏻💪🏻🥰🥰

  • Alex McDaniel

    Alex McDaniel

    12 päeva tagasi

    If you have the money why do you need to justify it? Nothing wrong with a car collection other than possibly insurance hah

  • Tech Noir

    Tech Noir

    12 päeva tagasi

    Hoovie, good that you won't sell the Lambos.. it will only increase in value... Now you should also buy the Ferrari Testarossa back and look for an F40 and F50 and or an Enzo and your content is set for life.

  • harlyspuitje1


    12 päeva tagasi

    that car needs the eiseman exhaust!!!! trust me!!!!!

  • buzzbbird


    12 päeva tagasi

    Italian car, but, as Ferruccio like the Sanis bullfighting and other things, it is a SPANISH word.
    It is NOT pronounced Mercy-a LAGO



    12 päeva tagasi

    Engine computer more than 20 years old yeah they might have capacitous and they leaking out eating up the traces of the board

  • MattyS


    12 päeva tagasi

    Another channel sold out to ads ffs.

  • Daniel Arsenault

    Daniel Arsenault

    12 päeva tagasi

    No, the car didn't almost cause a massive accident, the guy driving did when he kept going after the first stall. I mean, don't you have six tow trucks on speed dial Hoovie?

  • ShutterMafia


    12 päeva tagasi

    exact same color/model/year of the white lambo drove by today. it was going the the classic car museum in longmont colorado. not sure if its a showpiece or what. this was today. peace

  • Rodd Johnson

    Rodd Johnson

    13 päeva tagasi

    I have to say from the looks on Hoovie's face he was really surprised when this car started to stall. LOL I laughed way harder than I should on the Vette scene lol

  • Tommy Thevenow

    Tommy Thevenow

    13 päeva tagasi

    He probably should have just kept the Gallardo.

  • YourEmpire NeedsYou

    YourEmpire NeedsYou

    13 päeva tagasi

    To see the rain in this beatiful red interior buggles me :D

  • Daniel McAllister

    Daniel McAllister

    13 päeva tagasi

    What happened to the maybach ?

  • Randy Kumpf

    Randy Kumpf

    13 päeva tagasi

    More proof that Italian cars are beautiful artworks. But for driving?

  • Boring Old White Guy

    Boring Old White Guy

    13 päeva tagasi

    An unreliable lambo? What has the world come to?

  • Lost & Forgotten Cars

    Lost & Forgotten Cars

    13 päeva tagasi

    Junior Mint was first, then Magic Mike, and next was Chin Chilla. WHO COULD BE NEXT

  • Will Mathieson

    Will Mathieson

    13 päeva tagasi

    If Hoovie wants it nobody else wants it.

  • Will Mathieson

    Will Mathieson

    13 päeva tagasi

    Ghost in the Hoovie mobiles

  • Will Mathieson

    Will Mathieson

    13 päeva tagasi

    It's got the Hoovie speed limiter in it.

  • Will Mathieson

    Will Mathieson

    13 päeva tagasi

    RainX on the windshield and drive fast and you don't need wipers.

  • Will Mathieson

    Will Mathieson

    13 päeva tagasi

    Keep the orange one and sell the others

  • Will Mathieson

    Will Mathieson

    13 päeva tagasi

    Hoovies cars just sense that they should be in the Wizards shop so they intentionally fail. Like a pet they like it indoors and warm.

  • Megan


    13 päeva tagasi

    Y wud u even want to own that ugly ass money pit bro , it ain’t that cool!

  • Michael Riccardi

    Michael Riccardi

    13 päeva tagasi

    check the crank sensor if these cars have one

  • P1LYP


    13 päeva tagasi

    I suppose 'stall out' is the opposite of 'stall in' but neither are familiar terms

  • logun1970


    13 päeva tagasi

    I still have to wonder why Honda and Toyota don't charge super car exotic prices due to their reliability and super cars should be priced at Honda and Toyota prices due to their unreliability. But I guess the wealthy have to spend their money on something.

  • Joseph Walker

    Joseph Walker

    13 päeva tagasi

    Like Charlie Sheen said in No Man's Land "Italian junk".

  • Matt Robinson

    Matt Robinson

    13 päeva tagasi

    "No windshield wipers...but it works." The state of Kansas would definitely define that as not working.

  • Huw Price

    Huw Price

    13 päeva tagasi

    US spec cars were built with crappy injection as a punishment for, well, being American! 😂

  • eltoro17 !

    eltoro17 !

    13 päeva tagasi

    Fuel pump

  • Andrew Bartlett

    Andrew Bartlett

    13 päeva tagasi

    I was expecting to see Wizard at his desk googling private jets, as you are handed the Bentley bill!

  • Husko Bar

    Husko Bar

    13 päeva tagasi

    It's sad to see Hoovie has peaked. If anyone wonders why, just watch this video. I'm amazed he put the $$$$$$$ begging in this of ALL videos. He is oblivious that he's on the downslide :(

  • Alexander Bürger

    Alexander Bürger

    13 päeva tagasi

    Hoovie: "I felt confident enough, to sign it up to a rally..."
    Countach: "And when would you have asked ME about it?!"
    I know such situations with my beat up 1987 Celica... Just talking about it's reliability and... meh... XD

  • Rudi TheDog

    Rudi TheDog

    13 päeva tagasi

    Lambo Lambo blah blah blah

  • TommyBoyZ


    13 päeva tagasi

    Do never complimenting your car about how it not broken on you...its hear u and its hate complimentary

  • Len Zielenski

    Len Zielenski

    13 päeva tagasi

    Why own 3 Lambo's? Because the razor wire enema just wasn't painful enough.
    The 2 happiest days of Lambo ownership: the day you buy it, and the day you sell it.
    Yet another reason to own 3, with a great deal of luck and a mighty bankroll, you might actually get to drive one a couple days a month.
    Why own a Lambo at all? Because flushing $100 bills by the bundle just isn't as much fun as it once was.
    Shall I go on?

  • fizzys26


    13 päeva tagasi

    No justification needed for your car choices. I’m just glad I can live vicariously through you with YouTube.

  • Willem Van Der Nest

    Willem Van Der Nest

    13 päeva tagasi

    I'm starting to think of Tyler as Batman and Wizard as Alfred and Wizard's workshop as the bat cave because all the Hoovie mobiles can be found in the Wizard cave it looks like. I wish Tyler would buy just 1 car with his head instead of his heart. But sadly it will never happen

  • Brandon Fiore

    Brandon Fiore

    13 päeva tagasi

    No memorial day video

  • MechnTech Beau

    MechnTech Beau

    13 päeva tagasi

    Hoovie: I can't believe how well the Countach is working
    Countach: Say less my dude immediately breaks

  • Hofftron9000


    13 päeva tagasi

    Is that @watchjrgo at 7:30?

  • John Estupido

    John Estupido

    13 päeva tagasi

    Lamborghini? The should return to making tractors.

  • Nope NotGonna

    Nope NotGonna

    13 päeva tagasi

    Does Kansas require a safety inspection to register a car? It seems like non-working windshield wipers would prevent you from getting tags, even if it is a Lamborghini.

  • Edwin Tavarez

    Edwin Tavarez

    13 päeva tagasi

    Wizard looks like a freakin bobble head sometimes 😜- maybe u can make enough money off the sale of a few thousand bobble head dolls to make these iconic vehicles run and drive FOREVER! Commission the Doll!

  • gert molder

    gert molder

    13 päeva tagasi

    A new video idea since you semi recently sold ur aston martin . Get one is my thought and a iffy or rarer version. Or if you dont like astons and since you have already done them , then what about doing a lotus or two is another idea.

  • A.J. Merrifield

    A.J. Merrifield

    13 päeva tagasi

    How can you tell a real Countach from a replica? The replica actually runs and drives.

  • Cheryl Cold

    Cheryl Cold

    13 päeva tagasi

    Anniversary looks like a kit car. I'd sell the Murcielago and 25 Anniversary and buy an LP of some sort. Keep the Diablo, these are going to be worth a fortune.

  • Jensen Interceptor

    Jensen Interceptor

    13 päeva tagasi

    Have you ever heard of an actor named Jeff Goldblum? You are a younger version of him

  • B A

    B A

    14 päeva tagasi

    Electrical system probably designed by a guy that now works for FIAT Chrysler making JEEPs.

  • Andy Supple

    Andy Supple

    14 päeva tagasi

    I think it casts $500 00 a mile for Hoovie to drive his Lambos

  • Danny Brasco

    Danny Brasco

    14 päeva tagasi

    It starts to rain and the Italian classic stars to play up. ☔😅

  • zaftra


    14 päeva tagasi

    What does this person do for a living? One of those American billionaires with an expensive hobby.

  • Andrew4181975


    14 päeva tagasi

    Why the hell didn't you just keep the Gallardo ? Obviously $$$ isn't the issue. Ive reached a dilemma, can't watch "modern" TV,movies,& mass media because of the ridiculous wokeness,but watching videos by people that make millions on Youtube isn't really very interesting anymore either (kindof makes me sick).There really isn't any good options for content to watch online anymore, but at least I can choose the topic that best suites my interests on Youtube. Hiding the ads (for video games now?) in the middle of the video so people are less likely to skip them is so annoying. Video games are stupid.

  • brian tallieu

    brian tallieu

    14 päeva tagasi

    There went the power valve on the corvette

  • cbocker


    14 päeva tagasi

    Italian cars have a built in safety system - when it rains, they don't run.

    • Driving Tunes

      Driving Tunes

      5 päeva tagasi

      @mackooo you heard the truth lol

    • mackooo


      5 päeva tagasi

      I heard British cars have similar safety feature

    • Driving Tunes

      Driving Tunes

      8 päeva tagasi

      @Brian Barrows safe and reliability at its finest

    • Brian Barrows

      Brian Barrows

      12 päeva tagasi

      I was gonna say something similar lol

  • hitardo


    14 päeva tagasi

    9:09 Tyler, you should ask your detailer over at Velocity Garage to coat your windows with a "rain repellent", or ceramic coating.
    This way, rain would not be such an issue without wipers - but wipers are always important!
    Or maybe you already did! 😀

  • mike Waite

    mike Waite

    14 päeva tagasi

    Boy he just spent the first 9 minutes of the video just bragging and bragging and bragging. It seems like with a lot of these YouTubers they start out with good intentions however with corporate sponsorship and now bragging about how great they are I'm sure they'll be a downturn and people just lose interest which I have now

  • npxmnpxm


    14 päeva tagasi

    What kind of camera do you use? (Do you have an FAQ?)

  • 1Blastarr


    14 päeva tagasi

    Dude?! What do you do for a living?! I can only fantasize about owning a Lamborghini.

  • Stephen Green

    Stephen Green

    14 päeva tagasi

    Carburetors are wonderful. LOL.

  • Geert Sturm

    Geert Sturm

    14 päeva tagasi

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  • Steven Gunter

    Steven Gunter

    14 päeva tagasi

    need to sell that one.

  • Final Touch Auto Detailing llc

    Final Touch Auto Detailing llc

    14 päeva tagasi

    Do you kind of wish you still had the Gallarado?