5 Things I Love About My Lamborghini Countach (And 5 Things I Hate)

Avaldati 5 märts 2021
Vaatamised 513 753

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Hoovies Garage
  • Hoovies Garage

    Hoovies Garage

    3 місяці tagasi

    He’s not actually my father! Subscribe to little Hoovies Garage! https://youtube.com/channel/UCVCQ36mlo0Ku3-h4U2iD5pA

    • TWR CREW

      TWR CREW

      2 місяці tagasi

      @JohnJohn McClane it's so naked.. no sideskirts. it looks skinny.

    • TWR CREW

      TWR CREW

      2 місяці tagasi

      @Godchi1d Von Steuben it's a joke because that man looks a little like an older hoover.

    • Beasty18c5


      2 місяці tagasi

      I say you throw an ansa sport exhaust next. John Temarian from curated tv can give you some tips on what to look into on these things.

    • Stuy j

      Stuy j

      3 місяці tagasi

      @Mike Headon great car just rotted to death

    • Mike Headon

      Mike Headon

      3 місяці tagasi

      @Stuy j Renault 5 mk 1 turbo?

  • StayViben


    2 päeva tagasi

    One thing i noticed about old schools and super exptic cars is that their alot more smaller on the road

  • Patrick Mckinney

    Patrick Mckinney

    19 päeva tagasi

    Hoovie you inspired me
    I just uploaded a video about the cheapest VW Mk2 golf in America

  • kevin johnson

    kevin johnson

    24 päeva tagasi

    Sell it to me!!!!!!!

  • Кирилл Михалин

    Кирилл Михалин

    28 päeva tagasi

    Gosh, your daddy's garage is 🔥

  • Pedro Correia

    Pedro Correia

    Місяць tagasi

    Renault 5 Turbo spotted.

  • Erik 1701

    Erik 1701

    Місяць tagasi

    keep the countach n sell the other 2 ... its a better vehicle ....so jealous of your "DAD's" garage ... love all of the cars i even think i saw a Lecar

  • Krisztián Ferryman Konszky

    Krisztián Ferryman Konszky

    Місяць tagasi

    One little request for your videos, if I may: more engine sounds and less music during driving segments. Please?

  • Carbon Fiber Creations Washington

    Carbon Fiber Creations Washington

    Місяць tagasi

    Dry ice clean the entire undercarriage and sell the Countach to a museum

  • Elisha Caez

    Elisha Caez

    Місяць tagasi

    Honestly you ain’t built for the countach 😂
    It’s a car for space aliens only 👽
    Imma get one and it’s gonna be my daily😎

  • Michael Shields777

    Michael Shields777

    Місяць tagasi

    What the hell do these guys do for a living to be able to afford all these cars?!

  • John Anderson

    John Anderson

    Місяць tagasi

    The first ones were better looking sans battering ram bumpers and lamo flares ,ground effects etc .hideous

  • Davide Madera

    Davide Madera

    Місяць tagasi

    "But the only really original was the Murcielago, that was a Strata, and the Gallardo was the second unfinished of the tenth I've never counted, because of the Crash Test Dummies, I guess, do you like flowering?! All by yourself and nonsense DM?!"

  • IYIZ Jewels Isley

    IYIZ Jewels Isley

    Місяць tagasi

    I will buy this fast

  • Ramm Phillips

    Ramm Phillips

    Місяць tagasi

    Your son made my day! I have no idea what you talked about after he showed up! Don't blink, Brother, I did with mine and he is now a strapping 20 yr old! The joy of my life! Keep up the great content! Thank you!

  • unclemikiesworld


    Місяць tagasi

    I would definitely unload it and put the money toward trying to get a first-generation Countach

  • Vincent Gallagher

    Vincent Gallagher

    Місяць tagasi


  • dramoth64


    Місяць tagasi

    Is that a genuine Cosworth Sierra at the door?

  • Evan Smith

    Evan Smith

    Місяць tagasi

    You need to find a Lexus GS 350 third gen or second

  • MrMeoow91


    Місяць tagasi

    Cars of the late 70s 80s and 90s are best. Modern cars are just ugly.

  • The Void

    The Void

    Місяць tagasi

    Keep it. The value will keep going up forever pretty much.

  • Zio


    2 місяці tagasi

    What do I hate about my Lamborghini? The fact that it has a Honda badge on the boot lid is for sure the one thing I hate most.

  • Joshua Jácome

    Joshua Jácome

    2 місяці tagasi

    I honestly can't imagine how much money you need to maintain in good condition that car fleet. I barely make enough money for restoring a 93 Chrysler and maintenance of a 2019 500 Abarth...

  • Joseph Sallis

    Joseph Sallis

    2 місяці tagasi

    I really hope you get to keep it! My dream car. Would love to own one. Despite all its faults, it’s just cooler than a diablo.

  • qwe mjk

    qwe mjk

    2 місяці tagasi

    The gamy taste scilly invent because ping intriguingly tease inside a smelly egg. tasteful, meaty blood

  • Mohammed Atif

    Mohammed Atif

    2 місяці tagasi

    That countach is only gonna go up in value. In 20-30 years time I recon its gonna be worth over a million. When the world turns to electric cars the old supercars are gonna be a museum pieces. 👌 keep it 💯

  • 666dynomax


    2 місяці tagasi

    that is such a strange car collection in the background...

  • 666dynomax


    2 місяці tagasi

    years later that countache looks great

  • Aalbert Torsius

    Aalbert Torsius

    2 місяці tagasi

    To me, the Countach is iconic, while the Diablo is "just another Lambo".

  • Chris Cahill

    Chris Cahill

    2 місяці tagasi

    The older countach looks so much better

  • Chris Cahill

    Chris Cahill

    2 місяці tagasi

    Watching you drive around on the door sill was a little nerve wracking

  • The Real Jrü Gordon

    The Real Jrü Gordon

    2 місяці tagasi

    10:54 that would make an awesome poster.

  • Big Dee

    Big Dee

    2 місяці tagasi

    LOVE that Countach! Great spec!

  • Hannes Hietsalo

    Hannes Hietsalo

    2 місяці tagasi

    Love or hate cars. How about owning a TVR?

  • Eric H

    Eric H

    2 місяці tagasi

    @03:42 I have the same light up TNG poster. We are basically identical people now so I can’t wait to drive the Lambo.
    Sigh... I figured that might not work. 😂. I do really have the poster though.

  • Makizee 6.0

    Makizee 6.0

    2 місяці tagasi

    You should have him more often..

  • henno van damme

    henno van damme

    2 місяці tagasi

    best garage ever i would take that ford 4 a spin

  • subisonic


    2 місяці tagasi

    Wish i was born with money 🧐.

  • iSamYT Backup

    iSamYT Backup

    2 місяці tagasi

    hoovie junior 3:19

  • Deez Nutz

    Deez Nutz

    2 місяці tagasi

    I hope u can keep both

  • blh3863


    2 місяці tagasi

    Kept waiting for this guy to plug Apartments.com

  • Jadelea


    2 місяці tagasi

    Wow, what a collection of beautiful cars!! Why not buy one from your dad?? Wow! Just beautiful

  • Ole Martin Hoel

    Ole Martin Hoel

    2 місяці tagasi

    Sell it to him. The Anniversio is the least attractive of the bunch. The original (even prototype) is the best looking.

  • justin henderson

    justin henderson

    2 місяці tagasi

    Has To be Hoovies Dad. They have all the same features!!!!

  • Dave Ellis

    Dave Ellis

    2 місяці tagasi

    Recorded horizontally😀👍



    2 місяці tagasi

    @6:56 OH HAY DOUGE DEMURO CAMEO!! ... oh no wait... nvm... it's the "I'll say i'm sorry but am not takin off ma glasses" guy.

  • Pete Quinones

    Pete Quinones

    2 місяці tagasi

    Am I watching Silver Spoons?

  • B B

    B B

    2 місяці tagasi

    Are backup cameras/video rear view mirror just taboo on these things?

  • Andrew Perez

    Andrew Perez

    2 місяці tagasi

    The best bring your family to work day I’ve ever seen

  • Bombat Wombat

    Bombat Wombat

    2 місяці tagasi


  • Jimbo Carter Tricks and Hacks

    Jimbo Carter Tricks and Hacks

    2 місяці tagasi

    One of my favs 89 Lambo Stays

  • gorge washington

    gorge washington

    2 місяці tagasi

    for info its not th dumbest automotiv channel on youtube ... and its simple you have a camera make it work again so no more hole probleme or visibility probleme for the seat too high change the sit bu keep the original one to put it back if you want to sell it ...

  • Michael Carson

    Michael Carson

    2 місяці tagasi

    If the hole is there already for a reverse camera, put a new one in it. The whole idea of keeping it "original" is out the window. The reverse camera also as has the added bonus of being able to see any pets or animals behind the vehicle.

  • Lee Small

    Lee Small

    2 місяці tagasi

    How you are going to pay for both , you don’t have to it was 2 for the price of one 🤣

  • cp chung

    cp chung

    2 місяці tagasi

    9:34 For everyone who's confused, it's not Hoovie's dad

  • Harbaksh1234


    2 місяці tagasi

    You sound like Jeff Goldblum 😀

  • Trickz Revert

    Trickz Revert

    2 місяці tagasi

    what do u do for a living?!?

  • Jim Hunter

    Jim Hunter

    2 місяці tagasi

    Sell it !

  • dudu999


    2 місяці tagasi

    Tyler, this is your best video ever. I loved the takes of your daughter, loved the guests, and loved the love x hate list.

  • Michael Montag

    Michael Montag

    2 місяці tagasi

    Good angel says sell. Bad boy says drive on bro!

  • jafizzle95


    2 місяці tagasi

    The way that Hoovie talks about his double-lambo purchase, the craziest part of the whole thing is apparently the dirt road.

  • Valentin Santiago

    Valentin Santiago

    2 місяці tagasi

    If I saw these two cars on the road at the same time I would die!

  • Schmitzelhaus


    2 місяці tagasi

    I loved the Countach ever since i saw it for the first time as a child, and still do.
    I mean look at it, this is the most 80s thing in the whole world!
    I knew which of the two i would keep. ;)
    Great video!
    EDIT: God damn, this engine is a freakin sculpture, unbelievable...this is my kind of art!

  • Brad B

    Brad B

    2 місяці tagasi

    It’s one of the coolest cars ever. I mean so is the Diablo. Keep them both and sell other stuff if you need the money. Pop ups and the look. Rock

  • John Winningham

    John Winningham

    2 місяці tagasi

    Good to know I won’t fit in a Countach since I am Ed Bolian sized.

  • Noel Edward

    Noel Edward

    2 місяці tagasi

    That’s a piece of crap ....... lose it

  • Michael R. Ingelsby

    Michael R. Ingelsby

    2 місяці tagasi

    Hoovie...please do a giveaway for this Lambo...you have my word I will take care of it if selected as the winner 🏆

  • Witchcraft Automotive

    Witchcraft Automotive

    2 місяці tagasi

    Nice try but we all know that your dad is Doug!

  • CrewmanDerek


    2 місяці tagasi

    💯 had me.... 🤦‍♂️

  • TheBlaggert


    2 місяці tagasi

    An appreciating classic supercar in super condition. It's a no-brainer

  • Madison James

    Madison James

    2 місяці tagasi

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  • Walter Davis

    Walter Davis

    2 місяці tagasi

    Why do I feel like the rug in this video is me? Like me and the rug have so much in common. We are both on the floor, and that's as close as I'll ever come to touching one of these.... As it runs me over.

  • Dennis Brill

    Dennis Brill

    2 місяці tagasi

    If I could afford it I’d keep the white one it’s beautiful you don’t say that to me and them nowadays they were on cannonball run back in the 80s and it was neat to watch him there but just need to see one out it now let’s

  • nticed


    2 місяці tagasi

    Sigh the ford gt

  • Shine Automotive

    Shine Automotive

    2 місяці tagasi

    no give it to me lol

  • thebigpdubbya


    2 місяці tagasi

    "Hey, dad!" Walks into the most insane garage of all time.

  • DeTuned Art

    DeTuned Art

    2 місяці tagasi

    One has a stepmom. Second has a bold dad. But is he that bold fellow that did all the proffesions :/ xD.

  • Johnny


    2 місяці tagasi

    I guess I’ll have to be the one to say it out loud ..... I can’t be the only one thinking it.......... have your surgeon remove 2 inches from your Tibs and Fibs .... 2 inches from your Femurs .... cruise in comfort 8 months from now when you can walk again! It’s really the only option ... I know ... I know ..... “ thank you captain obvious “

  • James French

    James French

    2 місяці tagasi

    What year is the copper one? Looks nice as well and a bit less fussy.

  • Igor Brezovic

    Igor Brezovic

    2 місяці tagasi

    25th A has no wing. Horacio chopped It off...

  • Ishaiah Smith

    Ishaiah Smith

    2 місяці tagasi

    I’m sitting here like is that or is that not his father?

  • Pud Life

    Pud Life

    2 місяці tagasi

    Why is shmee even in the video? Pretty awkward all round.

  • B


    2 місяці tagasi

    Man. Less baby next time.

  • George ____

    George ____

    2 місяці tagasi

    hoovies dad has a 917 and a new ford gt.. wtf lmao

  • armin schmidberger

    armin schmidberger

    2 місяці tagasi

    if you ditch the Diablo i will unsub.

  • Kaine Burchett

    Kaine Burchett

    2 місяці tagasi

    Never sell it !

  • Holden Afart

    Holden Afart

    2 місяці tagasi

    This is like the 10th "should I keep it " video. Just keep that big beautiful white eraser.

  • HeadPopBodyDrop


    2 місяці tagasi

    The shots of hoovies little one are priceless, too cute😅

  • Azte ka

    Azte ka

    2 місяці tagasi

    i might sound bitter but i really hate when rich people makes more money by show off their money.

  • Žurkulēns


    2 місяці tagasi

    13:35 the legendary Ford SIerra at the back... When i was a kid,i was dreaming about that car,but after years many owners told that,that car is such a wreckage ...

  • Jonathan Day

    Jonathan Day

    2 місяці tagasi

    What’s with the stupid commercials? Are you low on cash?

  • Panos


    2 місяці tagasi

    I have only one question? What holds the engine on crashing on you in a frontal collision? 13:50.

  • seeking truth

    seeking truth

    2 місяці tagasi

    9:15, 9:47 Renault R5 Turbo 2..... Great to see it in the collection. Same color as mine.

  • ReCycle Spinning

    ReCycle Spinning

    2 місяці tagasi

    T terrified to drive a car because of how much it's worth how silly

  • Dino Pagiazitis

    Dino Pagiazitis

    2 місяці tagasi

    please stop complaining

  • Dont Care

    Dont Care

    2 місяці tagasi

    I'd dump the Countach before the Diablo. It cracks me up how you have the door open on that and are halfway out the car when backing up. Ever heard of the outside mirrors? That's very unsafe looking and really not needed. I understand your visibility is limited in that car.

  • Kevin Siverly

    Kevin Siverly

    2 місяці tagasi

    We are all tired of the lambos on you tube. Sell them. Take the money. They are like owning a camero nowadays. Let's get into more interesting things. We all know the suoercars are garbage. Italian and germany make junk nowadays. Tired of them on you tube. Let's get some boats, jet skis, motorcycles, electric cars. Move on or die with the other crap content.

  • Rob Charlts

    Rob Charlts

    2 місяці tagasi

    Drop the motor out and convert it to electric

  • Max S.

    Max S.

    2 місяці tagasi

    Couldn't you technically bolt the seat to the ground directly to get a few more inches?

  • Im _TheSUBII3 • 25 years ago

    Im _TheSUBII3 • 25 years ago

    2 місяці tagasi

    The mpg on a Countach is ground low.